We found that the sun was slowly burning less and we can feel the coolness of autumn. Maybe you are worrying about how to pass this time of summer and autumn transition, well, here we will provide some products that can save you from it.

A 3/4 sleeve shirt is a good choice for your top, the cute and sweet style is what everyone loves.

Product Link:C9013

Long sleeve button down shirt, this kind of blouse are suitable for wear directly outside or as the undershirt.

Products link:Q1323,Q1327

Choose a long sleeve dress if you are a dress addict, you don’t have to puzzle out how to match tops and bottoms and it will bring you endless beauty. Just have a try!

Products link:037,Q1330

A pair of comfortable pants is also a must for you, to match your various tops in your closet.

Products link:Q1290,K8293

Coat that can not be missed no matter what season.They are not only a clothes for you but also a beautiful bear. Gather more jackets for your wardrobe!

Products link:W1822,Q1325,Q1326

Autumn is quietly approaching, we are also waiting for your arrival oh!We are updating more product every week.