Happy Easter 

Easter is a holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, western Christian countries have this festival.In the western church tradition, the first full moon after the vernal equinox is on the first Sunday after Easter.Eastern church rules, if the full moon falls on Sunday, Easter again postponed a week.Therefore, the feast is roughly in the March 22 solstice between April 25.Easter is the oldest one of the most significant Christian festivals, celebrates the resurrection of Christ, christians around the world celebrated every year.
After Christmas, Easter chocolate eggs was placed in the candy store.
The minimum and the simplest pattern is very cheap, the children with their own pocket money can buy.

There are two kinds of this period listed in the eggs.
Small one, called fondant, a little more than an inch long, a thin layer of chocolate is outside, the inside is sweet and soft dough, then use colored foil paper into various shapes.

Another is empty eggs, a little bit big, generally bigger than duck eggs also.
There is nothing in it, just wrapped in a chocolate shell.
Just broken shell, eat chocolate chips.

Approached, Easter candy store window will be filled with more elaborate eggs than these.

At the same time there are all kinds of used to attract children's little gift to sell.
It is decorated with fluffy wool do chicken, chicken mouth and foot are glued on the card.

Lucky children may receive several kinds of such a gift from relatives and friends.
Easter eggs are in order to bring happiness to people, really!
These eggs beautiful and rich decorative fine, they represent people's wishes, and share with you the joy of seasons.