Awesome Halloween Costumes

What day is halloween,It's on 31 October every yearTo celebrate the arrival of Halloween, children dress up as all kinds of cute ghosts knocking on doors and asking for candy, or they will trick or treat. Meanwhile, it is said that all kinds of ghosts and ghosts will dress up as children to celebrate the arrival of Halloween, and humans dress up as ghosts to make ghosts and spirits more harmonious.

Halloween costumes, millions of phases, not just the drab big ghost. Make the simplest ghost suit with a white sheet top on the head, pick two holes to leave the eyes; To play the magician, put on black pants and a black hat, and hide a fluffy rabbit between the top of the hat and the top of the head. The child put on white pants, and then tied a flashlight behind his back to dress up as a little angel; There are parents who dress up their children as their favorite cartoon characters.

Halloween, the children will carry the jack-o-lantern, dress in all sorts of strange and went door-to-door to collect candy, keeps saying: "was catnip or treat" (it means: "give not to, not to make trouble." ) if you refuse to give candy, the kids will be very angry, in various ways to punish you, such as: pour the waste in your home, and so on way to punish you, until you give them candy. for tradition, people dress up as elves and go home to beg for food. Their belief was to give elves worship and food to please them, or the elves would play a trick on them, such as the chimney clogging, the loss of cattle and sheep, the throwing of yellow bud and so on. Another way to fool or scare away evil spirits is to pretend to be like them, and they believe that the evil spirits will not harm them.

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