Whether it's formal or casual, flax is a very common fabric choice because of its elegant appearance and natural fiber identity.
However, the clothing of linen fabrics also has the drawback, namely in the use process, the container crinkles, make it not good-looking.
As a result, linen fabrics are usually washed, hand-washed and machine washed.
Dry cleaning is one of the best ways to keep the appearance of flax, but it's a bit expensive for the average person.
We are here to introduce some of the items in hand wash and machine wash that will allow you to better protect your linen clothing.
1. Separate the bright and dark clothes separately.
Flax is a natural fiber, and those heavy colors tend to fade in the cleaning process, so don't wash linen in all colors together.
2. Use cold water.
Warm water is harmful to flax fibers and can shorten the life of clothing.
3. Use mild soap or detergent.
If not, it is recommended that the detergent package be used to wash half of the prescribed amount of water.
4. Careful washing
Whether by hand wash or machine wash, the flax should take special care, careful and gentle wash.
5. Air dry.
Do not use drying equipment. For flax, air drying is the best.
Get the cloth wet before you iron the flax.
You can get a better effect by using a high temperature thermostat.
When pressing flax fabric, wet it slightly, effectively remove wrinkles on the fabric and keep the luster of the fiber.
But not too wet, or it may be too hot to burn the fabric when ironing.