As is known to all,only beautiful clothes is not enough for women,some accessories are also needed.We have some new bags and shoes in order to get you through a more colorful summer.Here we go to have a look!

This is a plus capacity shoulder bag, it is made of canvas and full grain leather. Your small items will be well placed because of these multiple pockets, it’s very suitable for summer. What’s more, there are two colors to choose form.

Two new canvas shoulder bag. They are handiness, inexpensive and easy to maintain.If your bags are all leather, why not try to buy a canvas bag?

Two lovely sandals. The flower decorations make them more cute and the design of hollowed will let your feet cool in the whole summer. You don't have to worry about losing your shoes because of the elastic on the position of your heel. In addition, they are also easy to match such as dress and pants. Just have a try!

A simple black slippers. It's made of cow leather and it's very portable, all these make it  comfortable when you put it on. Sandy beach, park, shopping, take it where you want to go.