What’s drop ship?

Drop ship is a type of business, which will allows you to retail and profit without inventory. Retailers cooperate with suppliers, they submit customer orders and shipment details to supplier, who will ship the products to the custom instead of retailers. The majority of retailers make their profit on the price spread between trade price and retail price.

The advantage of drop ship

  1. Reduce investment of retailers. You just need a laptop at home or your office because you don’t have to deal whit inventory which will take you a lot of money. The cost is lower than traditional retail business.
  2. No logistics required. Retailers just need to deal with orders but not need to ship products, which will save a lot of your time and labor force. This can also save business cost.
  3. Reduce investment risk. As is known to all, inventory will bring risks, drop ship avoids the business risks associated with inventory.
  4. The immediacy of profitability. You can immediately make profit when you have an order and don’t have to worry about turnover of capital.
  5. More diverse product options. Retailers can choose many suppliers as long as the product is suitable.

The process of drop ship

  1. Contact us about your name or your company, tell us what products you want to sell and we will send pictures and information about them to you.
  2. When you have orders, just transfer them to us which include products information and customer’s information .
  3. The customer will receive the products shipped by us directly, but will not display any of our information.

The FANTASYLINEN Policy of drop ship

  1. Accumulated Order Amount over US$1,000: 30% Off Discounts
  2. Accumulated Order Amount over US$5,000: 35% Off Discounts
  3. Accumulated Order Amount over US$10,000: 40% Off Discounts
  4. Accumulated Order Amount over US$50,000: 45% Off Discounts

*Shipping fee should not be included into order amount.

Please ask for the relevant coupon code when you achieve the right level.