All of us need a casual, comfort and fitted dress to spend the hot summer, so, how to choose the fitted one? Relative to spend time to research all kinds of sizes personal customization is more perfect. Here is Fantasylinen’s proprietary custom: Casual Lace-up 100% Linen Dress

About its material: It is made form 100% linen. Linen was the earliest plant fiber used by man which goes back 10000 years ago, its characteristic is absorption of sweat, good air permeability and no harm to the human body. I’m sure you will like it.

About its design: Adjustable lace-up shoulder straps. Loose waist and bust design. Pleated sweep

About its color: Fresh blue.

About its wearing occasion: Weekend casual, work, going out, holiday and some other fitted occasion.

Like it? Tell us your size and then you will get a dress that unique in the world.